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Training Course in Kaohsiung [DRTS Case Sharing] held at 13:30-16:30 on 18th of Aug, Tuesday 2020

Course name: DRTS Practical Case Sharing
Course time: At 13:30-16:30 on 18th of Aug 2020
Venue: Smart Transport Center, Kaohsiung Government (21 / F, 25 Zhongzheng 3rd Road, Hsin Hsing District, Kaohsiung)
Course Instructor: Shi Feng-yu
Present post: Professor, Department of Urban Planning, National Cheng Kung University
Former: Associate Professor of Transportation Management, Tamkang University
Member, Kaohsiung Urban Planning Committee

Course Introduction:
This course will introduce the practical experience of demand responsive public transport service in Chunri Township of Pingtung, and analyze the experience bottleneck and countermeasures encountered in other counties and cities.
The content includes: foreign case review, topics over domestic business management, system planning and MaaS platform construction, performance evaluation, financial planning and subsidy policy, as well as the combination of DRTS and driverless minibuses.

Course Outline:
1. Review of foreign cases of DRTS
2. Domestic business management of DRTS
3. DRTS system planning and MaaS platform construction
4. DRTS performance evaluation, financial planning and subsidy policy
5. Vision for a new type of public transport - combining DRTS with self-driving minibuses

Teaching material: PowerPoint slide-sheet presentation
Guiding unit: Institute of Transportation, MOTC
Sponsor: Research Center for Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu Regional Transport Development, National Sun Yat-sen University
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