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Training Course in Kaohsiung [Smart Public Transport, Shared Transport Tools, Public Transport Pricing] held at 13:30 to 16:30 on 4th Aug, Tuesday 2020

Course name: Smart public transport, Shared Transport, Public Transport Pricing
Course time: At 13:30-16:30 on 4th Aug, Tuesday 2020
Venue: Smart Transport Center, Kaohsiung Government (21 / F, 25 Zhongzheng 3rd Road, Hsin Hsing District, Kaohsiung)
Course Instructor: Li Kecong
Lecturer experience: Present post, Deputy Convenor of Transport Section at Consumers' Foundation
Former: Associate Professor, Department of Transportation management, Feng Chia University

Course Introduction:
In order to promote the utility of public transport, it is necessary to make good use of demand-oriented intellectualization. In addition, in order to share transportation resources and effectively reduce the ownership as well as use of private transportation tools, the planning and management of all kinds of transportation tools are also crucial. Therefore, the course contents include examining the problems faced by public transportation, intelligent planning and management of public transportation, effective use of public transportation pricing strategy, promotion of shared transportation equipment, and planning the incentives for private transportation equipment users to transfer to public transportation.

Course Outline:
1. Problems faced by public transport
2. Intelligent planning and management of public transport
3. Pricing strategy for public transport
4. Promotion method of Shared tools
5. Planning incentives for private vehicle users to switch to public transport
6. Conclusion
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