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Guidelines Governing the Establishment of the Center

Guidelines Governing the Establishment for the Research Center for Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu Regional Transport Development, National Sun Yat-sen University are the following:

Chapter I. General Provisions
Article 1. These measures are regulated in accordance with the regulations and review for establishment and dissolution of the research center, National Sun Yat-sen University.
Article 2. The Center will be named as "Research Center of Regional Transport Development, the Academy of Social Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University (hereinafter referred to as the Center), and it will be the third-level task organization center of the University.
Article 3. The Center's tasks are as follows:
1. Research on the promotion of regional transport development.
2. Cultivation of regional transport planning personnel.
3. Promote balanced development of regional environment and economy.

Chapter II. Organization and Administrative Duties
Article 4. The Center may have full-time and part-time researchers, who are professionals with regional transport related expertise.

Chapter III. Establishment and Funds
Article 5. The Center shall have one director to oversee the affairs of the Center. The director of the Center shall be an associate professor or above in the relevant field recommended by the director of the Department of Political Economy, whose concurrent post shall be signed upon the approval of the President. The term of three years is renewable.

Article 6. In order to promote interdisciplinary academic research, the Center may hire researchers, full-time managers, and research assistants according to the plan or research needs, whom shall be paid research fees according to relevant regulations.
Article 7. The Center may appoint administrative assistants to handle the center's affairs, manage accounts, and assist in organizing forums as well as activities, while coordinating, contacting and collecting the implementation results of various works.

Article 8. The funding sources of the Center include subsidies, planned funds and fundraising from the MOTC, the university and other relevant organizations. Matters related to budget, audit, revenue and expenditure execution, financial custody and other matters shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations of the university.

Chapter IV. Meetings
Article 9. The Center may convene business meetings for the purpose of discussing the work plan and deliberating the preparation of the budget and other matters related to the development of the Center. The business meeting shall be organized by the director of the Center and the designated researchers, as the director being the chairman.

Chapter V. Supplementary Provisions
Article 10. The center shall conduct self-evaluation every year, and shall be subject to the school's evaluation from the third year of its existence. The evaluation items and methods shall be conducted in accordance with relevant regulations.
Article 11. Matters not mentioned in these measures shall be conducted in accordance with relevant regulations of the university.
Article 12. Measures shall come into effect after approved by the committee of the Department of Political Economy, signed and approved by the President, thus the same shall apply when they were amended.